by Paul Casey

Blowin’ Like a Tumbleweed?

tumbleweedIn this area of Eastern WA, we have some desert-like characteristics, and one of those is the blowing tumbleweed in the notorious wind that sweeps through the Tri-Cities every so often. Wikipedia defines a tumbleweed as the above-ground part of any of a number of plants that, once mature and dry, disengage from the root and tumble away in the wind.

I know some people that are like tumbleweeds, and there have been seasons of my own life where I have resembled one. You can see them on the outside blowing around from activity to activity, but there is a non-rootedness and dryness of their spirit that shows their insides not having an anchor to rest upon.

We all feel dry once in a while when we’ve been in a relationship or a job for a while, and deep-down hunger for freshness in order to spark the hum-drum into interesting and more vibrant. Much of this is within our control, because we can re-invent ourselves any time we want to. We can choose our attitude, and make different choices than can influence different results. Schedule a date or trip with your loved one, or ask for new responsibilities at work.

But all those surface changes will not last if you don’t connect with your personal values and anchor your habits in them. People drift without anchors of faith, of self-awareness, of a compelling vision for their lives. It’s probably time for some solitude (and a coach!) to take stock of these 3 things, in order to propel your future forward and not sideways in the wind of circumstances. No more tumbleweeding! Push into the wind.

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