by Paul Casey

Being a Pleaser Gets You…Nowhere

A pleaser mentality often displaces your best present/future for your life.

Yet, I catch myself in “pleaser mode” quite frequently each day. Not speaking directly. Holding back. Working around an obstacle instead of facing it head-on. Worried, oh so worried, about what others will think or bracing for their backlash.

What pleasing-others does is morphs me into anything but my real self and what I am supposed to contribute to this situation right now. It also puts an invigorating future on hold because it puts me in pause-mode, as I refuse to take new ground in order to look good now to that person (who probably doesn’t even really know me).

Anyone else got this pleaser malady? How can we help each other be courageous and authentic? That’s more of what the world needs than chameleons.

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