by Paul Casey

Be a Make-it-Happen Person

you-make-it-happenCan someone at work or a family member or a friend come to you with a request and completely trust that you will get it done? If so, you are a go-to person! “Make-it-happen” people always have a position at work because they almost become indispensable.

Need a resource? They can put their hands on it. Need a contact to get that project moved along? They know just who you should call. Need a tip on personal wellness? They spew it out without even thinking twice.

You can always become more of a go-to person. It starts with being more others-focused and less self-focused. That kind of attitude makes you approachable, for starters, and it also makes you ready to help someone get unstuck and closer to their goals. No one wants a go-to person, who gripes the whole time they are getting it done.

A second way to make it happen for people with a dilemma or need is to become more of a noticer. In order to be ready to point someone to a solution, you have to know where the solutions are. Notice, or be more aware of, specific web sites, people who solve specific problems, books/magazines targeted to issues, research in your field, and current local news stories that might just answer a question for someone.

Finally, be persistent. Don’t just toss out advice and walk away. Help the asker get closer to their solution by helping them find a phone number, or making an introduction, or standing behind them as they search on their computer or tablet.  Literally, you are empowering them to make it happen, by being their catalyst.

People will consider you an invaluable resource and a key growth-agent in their lives by taking this one character trait to the next level. Make it happen!


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