by Paul Casey

Bashed Against the Rocks

sea-storm.jpg“When there is a storm, it is safer in the open sea. If you stay too near the dock, you will get beaten to death.” –Sam Keene

I think of the Apostle Peter, who took the plunge into the water in the storm to walk on it to Jesus. What a faith-builder! But it didn’t last long as he sank when he looked around at the limiting factors to this miraculous thing he was a part of.  I choose to reflect on the part of the story where he takes the bold step out of the boat, for it takes bold steps to make changes in our lives toward wholeness. Complacency dashes our dreams and our God-given potential; we mistake comfortable living for what’s best for us. But it’s out there on the waves that things get wet, and character is born. And it’s Jesus with His outstretched hands ready to pull us up when we can’t do it on our own strength. But He likes the steps we’ve taken to get to Him. He always comes to those who seek Him.


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