by Paul Casey

Are You Using Your Weapons?

lancesSo, I went to the local Renaissance Faire last month with my family, and we always enjoy watching the battlefield sword-fighting and the jousting on horses with everyone in full costume. This picture was of 2 lances that were lying right in front of us in between jousts of the knight we were cheering for.

Unused weapons are cool to look at, but they aren’t doing any damage. When applied to our lives, unused strengths that God has given you merely sit on the proverbial shelf and do no good in the world. Every day you have a choice to bring your “A-Game” to your job, family, and community–or to default to self-centered comfort, and refusing to make a difference in the way you were wired to do so.

If you are a people-person, make more relationships. If you are a leader, influence people toward great pursuits. If you are a behind-the-scenes helper, play that role with excellence. But above all, BRING IT! Pick up your lances and impact your circle of influence for the good of others.  Now where did I put my armor?

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