by Paul Casey

Are You a Tree-Hugger? (no, not that kind!)

I’m not talking about those who are environmentally-passionate. I’m talking about staying too close to the “trunks” in your life and leadership. The malady of always playing it safe. Trying to control everything in your life. Seeing how quickly you can get back to homeostasis, without any chance of temporary pain or uncomfortable stretching. Sounds boring to me! Sounds like you could end up with a ton of regrets later in life about not hitting more go-buttons nor saying yes enough to potential adventures, relationships, and business opportunities.

John Maxwell says that we should go out on limbs more often in our lives, because that’s where the fruit is! Of course, it’s more perilous on those shaky branches; it truly wobbles when you lean your weight onto them. And, once in a while, you may take a fall that doesn’t tickle–but you learn from it! You make a tweak and don’t fall a second time in that same place. And it actually feels exhilarating! You did something you’ve always wanted to try!

Courage is pushing through the fear that seeks to keep you paralyzed in an ineffective, non-impactful life. It’s stepping up. Raising your hand to volunteer. Telling your team we are piloting something new. Asking that key person to lunch. Spending the money on an investment. Each obstacle that is hurdled gives you a shot of confidence that propels you forward. Now you have momentum in the direction of your vision and dreams. Fruit that tastes good!

So, let go of what you are clinging so tightly to. Take a mighty step out of the rut you are in. Enjoy the view. And it’s OK to bring someone with you (mentor, coach, friend, spouse, success partner)!

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