by Paul Casey

Another Set of Eyes

proofreadingI love proofreading. I know, that’s sort of geeky, but I’m an English grammar minor. It always amazes me that the creator of a document cannot see some obvious errors because he/she has been focusing intently on it for so long that he/she becomes blind in a way to seeing what’s wrong. A proofreader comes along and spots the errors, and the creator shakes his/her head in disbelief.

“Many leaders working together can see more than one can alone.” It’s so true. If you are creating in a vacuum, you are going to miss stuff. You will not get the best ideas nor solutions. Sure, you will give it your personal best shot, but there’s so much more out there when you put a couple heads together with you.

So, get another set of eyes on everything you are producing. First, you must be selective in who you choose to look it over. Make sure it’s people who are FOR your success.

Then, ask them for laser-specific feedback that can make it better. And don’t start pouting when they find something wrong. Accept constructive criticism with grace and appreciation, and take it to heart.

Last step: relish in the better product, knowing you put collective wisdom to work.

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