by Paul Casey

Always Be __________ing

always_be_closingIf you have ever been in sales, the common saying is “Always be closing”, or always be thinking about making the ask and trying to get that call to action into a sale. I thought of some other “Always Be’s” and would like for you to also add to my list:

  • Always be serving: Servant-leaders are thinking of others and how to make their day before they think about getting their own “wants” met.  And you actually feel great when you are propping others up!
  • Always be learning: Be in a continuous learning mindset from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. Every person can be a resource to learn from, if you ask good questions and really listen. And, of course, leaders need to be readers: book, magazines, Kindle books, audio books, podcasts…
  • Always be hustling: A good work ethic will net positive results. You cannot rest on your haunches and assume you will be successful. Make that extra phone call, write that extra thank-you, set up one more appointment, go to one more networking event, connect one more person to a helpful resource.
  • Always be laughing: Here’s one just for fun because of all the health benefits of a hearty laugh. Get around people with a great sense of humor, and watch humorous videos–and don’t take yourself so seriously!

OK, time for you to add to my list! Ready, set, GO!

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