by Paul Casey

Above All, Try Something!

abovealltrysomethingThe title of this post is a quote from Roosevelt that comes from a Facebook graphic that I saw the other day, and it reminded me of one of my favorite bloggers Seth Godin. Seth’s continual messages are Pick Yourself and Ship Something and Poke the Box.

Pick Yourself means that you don’t have to wait for permission all the time to start an initiative or begin working on an idea that could go big. We find excuses not to make a bigger difference at work or in the world because we blame the forces holding us down (preachin’ at myself here!). But, usually, there is no one stopping you but YOU. Why not you?

Ship Something means that you can talk a good game about all the great dreams you have, all the exciting ideas that could turn into something that will catch fire. But at the end of the day, unless you put pen to paper, or paint to easel, or blog into cyberspace, it remains just a dream–which is deflating, not inspiring. Just start, and then Just finish!

Seth also says to Poke the Box–just put something into play and then see what happens, and make adjustments (iterate) to respond to what you discover. Standing still will not get you anywhere (unless it’s briefly to recharge your batteries to avoid burnout). You must try something, and your world will open up–you will meet a key person who can push you forward–your pursuit will get more clarity and traction. Initiate action!

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