by Paul Casey

A Quick Game of Hide and Seek

hideandseek.bmpDeuteronomy 4:29 “If you seek God, your God, you’ll be able to find Him, if you’re serious, looking for Him with all your heart and soul…”

God doesn’t play mindless games with us. “If you’d just look harder….” “If you’d just attend church more often…” “If you’d cry more….”  He is pretty clear in this verse that a singular-focused, unrelenting search for Him nets a result of His attention.  Granted, we have to DO something, we have to play a role: the serious seeking in prayer for His presence. But He’s not a God afar off; He’s really close and connected, waiting to commune with us, to guide, us comfort us, display yet another amazing dose of His unexplainable, unconditional love to us. Not sure why I try to seek every other resource I have before seeking the key Player in the game of life!



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