by Paul Casey

A Mt. Rainier Lesson You Must Wrestle With

So, I was hiking with my wife at Paradise in front of majestic Mt. Rainier this past weekend. The weather started out nice and sunny, and we got some great photos. The closer to the mountain we got and the higher up we got, the cloudier and windier it got.

The wind was buffeting me so badly that before hitting the Panorama Point, I told my wife that I was done; this wasn’t fun anymore getting hammered by the wind. She went a little farther and I took shelter behind one of the few trees at that altitude.

Ahh, relief. I didn’t need a physical break; I needed a break from the onslaught of wind! It was just what I needed to get back down the mountain. That windblock was an energy re-builder for me.

Which made me think about our fast-paced lives, and all the adversity and regular wear-and-tear that comes on a typical week. We hear bad news. We get rejected. We sprain a muscle. An unexpected bill. An unexpected visitor. Oil changes and weed-whacking. And we keep plugging on, not realizing that the latent stress is taking its toll on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We have to have a shelter to run into, that gives us respite from the onslaught of life.

Where do you go for that pause in your life, where you can take stock of your current pace and your current trajectory, to assess if it’s healthy or needs adjustments? What is your replenishment plan that is going to give you that energy to finish your days with strength and not left-overs? Share with me your windblock, and maybe it will encourage other readers as well. And get a personal retreat on your calendar within the next month so you can take a deep breath once again.

Need any assistance in developing strategies for your work-life balance? I would enjoy hearing your story in a free 45-minute coaching session, and we can start to map out a plan together that just might even you out.  And if you want me to speak to your team about work-life balance, boundaries, and avoiding burnout, I’m just an email away at   It’s a great investment in your team!



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