by Paul Casey

A Lesson from the On/Off Ramp

mergingI was in traffic today on the freeway and was approaching my exit. It’s one of those that has cars merging on and merging off in the same 75 yards or so. A car cut in from my left, trying to get over to exit, putting his turn signal on at the last minute. I braked and let him in. At the same time a car approached at high speed from the on-ramp to squeeze in front of me with blinker on. I again backed off and let her in.

At that moment, a life lesson hit me. I have been very intentional this year with allowing people to merge with my life. I could try to speed up and keep them out, making them fall in behind my selfish leadership, but I have found this to just make them irritated as they stare with disdain at my bumper.

Allowing people to merge with your life means to be a good listener, keeping an open mind to others’ perspectives, and often deferring to their wisdom that is better than mine. To be a learner. To be unhurried in the process of life. To make someone’s day who is seeking my attention to their need.

I didn’t feel any stress as I pulled onto the off-ramp today after letting the two mergers into my lane, and I think I will continue to be grateful for the merger friends and acquaintances that God brings into my lane of life who teach me something valuable for my journey. to sign up for my e-newsletter Target Practice


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