by Paul Casey

A Good Kind of Contagious

contagiousYeah, it’s flu season, but I’m not talking about spreading germs. I’m talking about spreading joy and hope!  How contagious are you in that department?

A few things I know that you and I can spread without too much effort–but a lot of payoff:

  • Laughter. I dare you to try to keep a straight face when you watch someone ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) live or on a video. Add more humor to your conversations and communications.
  • Enthusiasm. Too many sticks-in-the-mud in our world–not enough people expressing their zest for life and their passions. Catch fire about a good cause, and people will watch you burn (and hopefully join you)!
  • Joy. Joy isn’t dependent on good circumstances–it’s deep. It comes from being anchored spiritually, and brings a calmness that agitated/worried people need to draw strength from.

What else within you can you be contagious about, that can spread LIFE to a hurting world?


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