by Paul Casey

A Dedication I’d Like as a Eulogy

eulogy_rose.jpgIn the book Fire in the Belly, that I’ve quoted a lot in this blog, a dedication was listed for a man who had passed away. As I underlined phrases in it, I thought of how neat those words would be if said of me at the end of my life, too.  What do you think?

A growing ability to deepen the covenants of friendship” I’m trying to do that more than ever more in my life.

To admire simplicity” Scaling back is a constant prodding I need to give myself, for I can make life more complicated (is that a spiritual gift? HA)

To accept limitations and disappointments without resentment” If I have the right perspective, God’s perspective, then life is simply easier emotionally.

to forgive the unacceptable” This is hard, frankly, but it’s what Jesus, my Model, did.

To love without grasping” What a concept that I’d always linked together, but must be separate. Holding what I love loosely; I’m not the owner, just the steward.

To be grateful for the gift of life” It colors everything when looked at with a grateful lens.

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