by Paul Casey

A Better Marriage Pursuit

“Intimacy is the ability that enables hearts to handshake.”  –Cloud/Townsend

When I went through my unwanted divorce several years ago, I did intense work on myself, deep introspection during the healing process, so that God would better me in the middle of all that pain. It also cemented some desires of what I wanted in marriage, and God has redeemed me with a 2nd marriage where I can get closer to intimacy with my wonderful wife Laura than I have ever previously with another human being.

Back then I committed to pursuing these aspects of intimacy in marriage (and still am now):

  • All energies in the marriage to be thoroughly attuned to engaging the other for the highest/best purposes.
  • Common awareness of the mission in life: to honor and obey the Creator
  • Appreciation of each other’s beauty
  • Absence of any shame or guilt

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