by Paul Casey

8 Ways to Bounce Back After a Personal Crisis

When I meet new people, I ask them what their life story is, and they usually ask me about mine. It has been revealing to me how most of our story timelines (mine included!) are littered with major disappointments/losses/failures. And it’s even more interesting to see how people bounce back and re-invent themselves after a personal crisis, like I have had to do, too.

If you are in or just coming through a dark time in your life, it is so difficult to bring yourself back to life. It’s OK to just have a few goals, and have them all revolve around self-care, in order to recover. Maybe it’s one of these:

  • Nutrition: You are what you eat; thus it is essential to put the right foods in your body daily that lead to good long-term health–instead of using food as a stress-buster nor shocking your body by starving yourself.
  • Exercise: Instead of “sedentary stewing” about the bad place you are in, moving your body aerobically can be the best natural depression-buster.  You burn off stress and calories, and shoot endorphin hormones into your bloodstream.
  • Fun: Going through a tough season usually pushes enjoyable pursuits to the back burner. Activate or discover life-giving activities that bring you happiness.
  • Friends: We heal best in community with others. Initiate a coffee chat or make a call to utilize a listening ear that can help you process your life–and keep you true to yourself.
  • Reading to learn: Whatever situation you find yourself in right now, you have most likely no exactly been here before. Surf the web for current resources that give you practical solutions to deal effectively with this difficult season of life.
  • Own your issues: Typically in every rotten circumstance, you have played a part in causing or allowing it to unfold. Instead of blaming others or excusing personal behaviors, and thus carrying them forward into new relationships/situations, take responsibility or make amends and vow to live your life differently from here on out.
  • Serve others: Often, focusing on others is the key to getting the focus on yourself/problems. Brighten someone’s day, and your day, too, will lighten up.
  • Journal in solitude: Everyone needs a place to protest–and it’s not always healthy to vent onto others (as it just raises your blood pressure by spinning you up again!). Getting quiet with your thoughts, and getting them on paper, is often the outlet you need to articulate your feelings.

I’m sorry that you are in a rough spot. Grieve your losses and begin the slow road back to emotional health—and you’ll once again Grow Forward! Contact me at to book a free jump-start coaching session for your re-birth into a flourishing life!


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