by Paul Casey

6 Ways to Work at Your Optimal Level

  1. Know your strengths/passions (the things that make you come/feel alive) and spend most of your time in line with them. Or, to jumpstart a dull day, get one of your favorite tasks on your schedule.
  2. Practice self-care rituals. Keep your tank full with exercise, nutritious eating, solitude, or whatever helps you manage stress and be at the top of your game physically/emotionally.
  3. Invest in training/equipment that removes barriers to your success and paves a path toward advancing your goals.
  4. Remove distractions that drain away your productivity, and put up boundaries against them creeping back into your focused project-accomplishment (clutter/notifications/etc.). Only keep on your desk what you absolutely need for THIS task.
  5. Going with your biorhythm, block out your most creative segment of your day every day to get your most critical tasks done. It’s as if you get those tasks done in half the time because your energy is the freshest.
  6. Add energizing white noise or music. Find the background sounds that put you in productivity mode, setting the environment and telling your brain to get busy.

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