by Paul Casey

6 Reasons to Attend a Seminar/Conference

Budgets are tight. So is your limited time to get things done. But your professional development is vital to your long-term success, even if it isn’t seen as urgent on your to-do list.

Hit the go-button on registering for growth opportunities because:

  1. You get to hear from experts on relevant topics. Presenters have prepared their best material to deliver practical suggestions that you can apply right away to your life and leadership. Some of these experts might end up becoming informal mentors for you.
  2. You learn new skills. People of influence are continuous learners. Adding more tools to your toolbelt makes you more valuable to your organization and to any other future opportunities down the road.  (For what to do with new learnings, click here.)
  3. You model the importance of professional development to the team around you. Maybe your enthusiasm to grow will rub off on others, and they might join you–making it easier to sustain the momentum when you return to work.  (For what to do with new learnings, click here.)
  4. You meet new interesting people and grow your network. Fellow learners around you have great ideas, too, if you engage them in conversation at the breaks. Schedule a coffee chat or phone call with them post-conference for more follow-up idea-sharing or loose accountability to implement what you both learned.
  5. You get out of the office! A chance of pace and a change of place often leads to a change of perspective–which opens up your creative mind. A great idea for your organization might be a transferable concept spun off from something you’ve heard. Do something fun before or after the conference to recharge your batteries  before returning to work.
  6. You become aware of resources to extend your learning. Whether it’s a tool at a trade show booth or a book from one of the speakers, buy something to take with you that will continue your professional growth in an area that peaks your interest.

Now that you are convinced to sign up, keep your ears open for local seminars and workshops, or target your industry’s big annual (or regional) conference. Just think about how enriched you will be on the other side of that experience! Keep in touch with me for the seminars that Growing Forward offers, and the nuggets of growth featured on my social media, by following me on Linkedin.


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