by Paul Casey

6 Indicators of a Healthy Company Climate

high fives“The climate comes from the top. The people become like their leaders.”

I remember a science teacher in my past telling me the simple definition of climate: weather over a period of time. And, when we are talking about organizational climate, it’s the interactions between people in the company on a day-to-day basis. An observer could sit back and watch how the receptionist talks to the CFO when transferring a call, or the conversation in the break room between 2 co-workers, or how a client gets greeted and escorted to an office–those interactions begin to tell a story. Hundreds of those interactions reveal the climate.

What kind of climate are you orchestrating as a leader in your organization? Is it healthy or bordering on toxic? What makes a climate healthy? Some examples:

  • open, direct communication
  • courtesy–putting others’ needs first
  • giving people heads-ups
  • addressing complaints to only those involved, or who can fix the problem
  • friendliness and warmth, no matter what your mood
  • approachability

Whatever the leader models will eventually trickle among the ranks. However, even if you are not the main leader, you can be a leader and “affect the weather patterns” in your little department of the company. Influence is contagious–so don’t ever think you cannot make a difference with positivity.

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