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5 Tips for Creating a Positive Mindset When It’s Difficult–Guest Blog by Amanda Black

I am beyond appreciative to be writing this guest blog post for my friend and mentor, Paul Casey. This post finds us all during a time of uncertainty and possibly fear, yet it is also a time of great change and potential opportunity. My life coaching program, Live Big Life Coaching focuses on creating a mindset of confidence and self-empowerment. During times such as these, it is more important than ever to keep a positive and productive mindset. I want to share with you five tips for creating a positive mindset during difficult circumstances.

“What you focus on expands”

While we can’t be in denial of the hardships in the world and be apathetic to the suffering of other people, we can add value to the world by focusing on what is in our control and finding the beauty that is all around us. Positive mental energy not only puts us in a good mood but promotes health and wellness in a way that nothing else can. Stay safe, stay positive!

5 Ways to BOOST Mental Energy

Do something you love every day. Whether it’s long walks, warm baths, reading, working on a hobby or laughing with your child, identify one thing, no matter how small and intentionally create peace for yourself by doing it. Remember to absorb the precious feeling and gift of these moments in time.

Seek gratitude. During this tumultuous journey we are facing, it is easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of the situation. While there are many things we can’t change during the most difficult of times, we can always change our outlook. Look for the good, no matter how trivial it seems, even if it is something simple such as, “I am grateful for my health in this current moment and that I live in safety.”

Connect with people you love. We are fortunate in this day and age to have complete access to communication at our fingertips. Take advantage of this great time we live in to connect and reconnect. The beautiful creativity I have witnessed during this time has been incredible, from companies creating new products to people playing virtual concerts. We are amazing beings.

Take time to laugh. Play a harmless prank, send someone a funny picture, watch a funny movie or play a fun game that gets people laughing.  Laugh every day, no matter what.

Remember and Share.  Visualize the best experiences of your life thus far. Think about being in love, when you accomplished something great, when you felt in awe of the world or when you had the time of your life. We are very fortunate to have memories. The very act of generating these thoughts will lift your energy and mood. Look at old pictures or memorabilia. Share these memories with others and help lift their mood as well!

 I hope these tips will help you to intentionally create a mindset that benefits you and those around you. Keep creating happiness and living a big life!


Amanda is the owner of Live Big Lifecoaching and works as Paul’s personal assistant. Amanda’s life coaching program focuses on mindset and personal empowerment. As a day job, Amanda works as a scientist on the Hanford site and enjoys many hobbies such as spending time with her daughter, investing in Real Estate, gardening and cooking.

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