by Paul Casey

5 Introvert Growth Steps

  1. Speak up more often in meetings. Despite your proclivity to “take in” the information/conversation, take the leap and share your opinion on a topic. If this is too big a leap, start by affirming a teammate’s idea by showing how you think it might be successful.
  2. Become more of an expert on a topic and share it. You are already very good at learning/research. Now take that to the next level by offering an interested group to do a presentation on it. You will be seen as more of an expert and might make new connections, along with building your confidence.
  3. When you are lacking something, ask for it. It’s not your nature to overtly make requests of others; you’re happier to defer to others as to not make waves. However, you demonstrate emotional intelligence by sharing your needs in a respectful way from someone who has the capacity/authority to give it to you. This could be the need for face time, resources, vision–or even more affection/affirmation from your spouse. You won’t get it if you don’t ask for it.
  4. Have the difficult conversation. You are most likely conflict-averse. However, this can lead to detrimental consequences for you, your team, and the person who you see not behaving “above the line.” Do your preparation, asking yourself what you need, what you think they need, and what the ongoing relationship needs. Then gather the courage and set up the time to address your concern. Often, your worst-case scenario in your head actually becomes a solved problem and stronger tie.
  5. Turn your introspection into action plans. You tend to spend a lot of time in your head, noodling on ideas and processing potential outcomes. It’s easy to get stuck in “ready, aim…aim…aim…” mode, and then hedge on pulling the trigger. Decide to set stretch-goals and declare them to people who care about your success, for some accountability. Put deadline dates by each one to avoid procrastination. And celebrate when you check them off your list, since you pushed past an obstacle you have been avoiding.

Ok, I know these steps may feel uncomfortable just reading them, but they can enhance your relationships, your credibility, and your influence if implemented in your authentic way. If you want to chat about more introvert success tips, shoot me an email at for a complimentary 45-minute strategy session.


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