by Paul Casey

4 Ways to Keep Yourself Accountable

If you want to truly make an impact at work and in the world, ultimately, you must hold yourself accountable to getting your goals accomplished. Here are some ways to do just that:

  1. Say it! Utilize people to help you stay accountable, by declaring goals aloud to a boss, coach, peer, mastermind group, success partner, or assistant (with a daily stand-up meeting).
  2. Write it! Utilize posted visuals to help you stay accountable, by looking daily at your:
    1. Posted priorities (annual/quarterly/monthly goals)–and your WHY for getting them done.
    2. Posted SMART goals/actions–for the week and today
    3. Posted scoreboard–of metrics that will make your successful
    4. Posted 7-10 questions to ask yourself daily to stay on track
  3. Schedule it! Utilize technology to help you stay accountable, by getting goals religiously scheduled in Focused Blocks of Time on your:
    1. Calendar program–where you make appointments with yourself for tasks.
    2. Phone–to give you reminders. (consider the Pomodoro technique for bursts of action and periods of rest)
  4. Reward it! Utilize positive reinforcement to help you stay accountable, by treating yourself generously to celebrate when each milestone is reached and/or each project is completed. (Utilize negative reinforcement to help you stay accountable, by avoiding its woes, considering the consequences/losses of procrastinating any longer!)

This sure-fire plan will have you accomplishing more tasks toward your ultimate life vision—and you’ll enjoy Growing Forward! Contact Paul at to sign up for Target Practice, his monthly e-inspiration or to book a free jump-start coaching session for your self-improvement!


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