by Paul Casey

3 Team-building Tips from Hiking

Rhododendron petals on teh trailI’m always aware of practical tips applicable to life that I get when hiking. Quick 3 for team-leaders and team-players for today:

1. Keep within eyesight of your teammates so no one is left behind without a clue of the next step of the journey together.   Look for the teammate that is being left out and intentionally seek to include and engage him/her. Don’t run too far ahead without bringing your team with you.

2. All it takes is one near-slippage to discourage the rest of the journey for everyone; those teammates need extra attention and encouragement. One of us is always struggling at some level since life is difficult. So, let’s bolster each other through it! What a great vision of no team member left behind!

3. Tell your team about poison ivy on the path to avoid.  It’s not about you! A great team player is aware, sees the obstacles and seeks to prevent others from running into them.


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