by Paul Casey

3 Reasons to Re-Stripe Your Life

4424423489_00cab9c39e_mI pulled into the parking lot and immediately recognized a facelift had taken place. Bright yellow lines jumped out at me from the blacktop, where faded ones had previously been. Re-striping upped the professionalism of the business by showing that it cared about their external appearance/message to the world and that it wanted to keep its patrons safe with clear markings.

How is re-striping a parking lot a metaphor for life?

1. It takes intentionality to regularly take care of ongoing maintenance of one’s life. First, there has to be a core value, and then a goal set with a clear action plan. For instance, one of my core values is growth, and out of that value, I set goals with specific action plans (SMART and HARD goals)  in the main areas of my life in order to grow: in wellness, in leadership, in relationships, in finances, etc. Then I look over those goals on the last day of the month and schedule the actions into my calendar to assure they get priority attention.

2. It takes an investment of money to do what is necessary to keep one’s self sharp. Hiring a coach to keep stretching you takes money that most people don’t invest in their better future. Paying for a gym membership or piece of exercise equipment is tough to swallow up front, but just might be the motivation to get in better shape. Signing up for that local seminar or online webinar/course could give you some practical skills for accomplishing more at work.

3. Re-striping your life has a positive effect on those around you. When you start achieving your life’s purpose with steady progress, people notice. While some people, out of jealousy, take shots at someone growing forward, most are drawn to a “winner,” wanting to do business with them, or develop a stronger relationship with them. Respect goes up for you, either way.

What area in your life needs re-striping, that fresh coat of paint to get you back on track with your values and vision?

A coach can help! Contact me for a free 45-minute Re-striping strategy session today! No obligation to continue with me–just a session to get your bearings and point back in the right direction. Ready, set, go!



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