by Paul Casey

2 Choices When Encountering Resistance

biking-86544636 Biking-in-EuropeSo, I was biking over the weekend. One direction, I clipped along effortlessly because the wind was at my back, assisting my progress. But, of course, I had to get back home, and that direction was headed into the wind–slowing my progress, but giving me a great leg workout!

When you encounter that head-wind-type resistance when you are pursuing one of your goals, what do you do? There are usually only 2 main choices (or a variation of them): stop moving forward/turn around and yield to the pressure, or push through the problems with great effort.

There are 2 ways of looking at it when you hit rocky terrain in your life, that require some discernment:

  • On one hand, if there is too much resistance, it could be an indication of what Seth Godin calls a “cul-de-sac”. This is a course of action that is going nowhere, and if you stay on this track, you will only waste time, money, and energy. Best to pivot, about-face as soon as possible (as to not fulfill the definition of insanity), and ride a wind of a new idea that better gets you to that ideal vision. Coaches and mentors can help you process this crossroad.
  • On the other hand, resistance could mean you are on the right track, and nothing worth doing is going to be easy. You may have to pedal with more effort through the obstacles, slow your pace of personal change down just a bit, fuel up on your energy-givers, and persist–in order to get to that better future you are visualizing. Get some success partners to cheer you on and keep you accountable.

Every bike path in your life is different, and weather conditions are different in each season of your life–so, there are no over-arching answers. But your energy is finite; thus, take the time to evaluate which of the two decisions to make before spending that energy.

Need help processing this season of your life? That’s what I’m here for! Take advantage of a free strategy session. It could be 45 minutes that will determine that right course for you to take!



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