by Paul Casey

Be Like a GPS When You Lead

cell_phone_tracking_GPSI really like my GPS on my phone. I remember buying the Garmin one before I had a smart phone, but this Navigation system is so much better in getting me to my destinations–across town or in distant places I’ve never been.

Good leadership is like a good GPS:

  1. It knows where the team needs to be headed–the vision that will make the organization successful. Good leadership can map out that bright future and say it in a way others rally behind.
  2. It knows the route that best gets the team to that vision. Although it can’t predict all the “traffic”/obstacles/delays, good leadership plans the best way to the target, and is flexible when conditions change.
  3. It’s patient with team mistakes. Just like a GPS has to re-route the car down another road when we don’t make the correct turn it indicated, so good leadership doesn’t make a big deal out of team errors–they make them into learning moments and press on to get back on track as quickly as possible.
  4. It gives updates along the way. Good leadership reminds teammates that they are on the right track and warns of upcoming turns that may mess with the status quo–especially if there is any chaos/confusing times when people might freak out with indecision.

So, if you sit in a leadership chair, put on your soothing voice that is intentional in its focus, and guide your team to a brighter destination than they are at currently.

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