Maximizing and Modifying Your Personality Style course



Are you a team leader who wants to better get buy-in from your people?

Are you a business person who wants to understand his/her customers better for sales conversations?

Are you in a relationship and want to better communicate with your loved one?

There are so many applications for becoming a master at understanding the 4 animal personality styles: lion, beaver, otter, and golden retriever!

This 75-minute course will share:

  • An overview of the 4 styles so that you know your primary and secondary styles
  • How to bring out your best in your style: do’s to dial-up and don’ts to dial-down
  • Where each style thrives on a team: their needs and sweet spots
  • Going in-depth of the personalities at work: stressors, meeting tips, fears, favorites
  • The communication patterns of each style
  • How to adjust your communication to most respectfully be received by the other styles

Make this your professional development topic at your next team meeting or retreat.

Download this 5-minute survey and take the assessment (you and your team) before watching the course:

personality survey

Here is a handout for taking notes:

Maximize Handout


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