"Give Me 5" self-leadership cards



No, not Give Me 5 push-ups. No, not a request for a high-five–through even more impacting!

Give Me 5 cards are 25 self-development themes on mini-cards that give you 5 success tips to help yourself grow. It’s like having a portable life coach in a box! You’ll have at your fingertips topics like

  • better resolving conflict,
  • making email work for you,
  • boosting creativity,
  • bringing out the best in your relationships,
  • and 21 more!

Pull out one each work day for a month, or go deeper on one topic at your weekly review time. Make them a topic of discussion with your success partners.

I bought the Give Me 5 box of self-leadership tips after attending a one-day seminar. Each of the 25 cards has very practical and purposeful helps to motivate yourself to stay focused as a leader or to help with ways to interact with others, including family. These are great for a gentle reminder, or to give specific direction when you find yourself “stuck”. So glad I got them! –Jim Mailloux

Normally the Give Me 5 cards in a box are selling for $29.97, but at this product launch time, your investment in your personal development (tax included) is only $19.97! Buy one for your whole team of 5 or more, and that rate drops even more!

Again, $19.97 for 25 self-leadership cards—that’s 125 personal success tips—to assist you in growing forward!