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Paul D. Casey’s Definition of Leadership

Here is my definition of leadership: Inspiring intentionally-developed teams to achieve transformative visions. Each word is carefully chosen: Inspiring—Leaders change “we must get them to..”

Leaders Shift the Focus

When I video my daughter dancing at competitions, I’m locked/loaded on her performance, zooming in on her and often not capturing the team performance as

What to Put on a Leader Report Card

If you really want to get better and refine your leadership skills, you have to get a little vulnerable and ask for feedback from your

Do You Tire of Putting Out Fires?

Leaders have the choice of continuing to react to circumstances as they pop up all day, “patching the dam” and feeling out of control of

LEAD Conflict Toward Resolution

When someone is confronting you about something (in work or your personal life), it is very difficult to not get defensive, which simply escalates the

10 Things a Leader Must Say Every Day

“Thank you.” Leaders don’t get to the top on purely their own strength; they must appreciate/recognize all the people who make each component of their

Non-Negotiable Leadership Traits

“The team is only as strong as its leader.” Sometimes being a leader is an undoable job. Yet having the opportunity to influence people to

How to Empower and Engage Your Team

Be a participant leader. Get in the trenches with your people, and work alongside them to see/solve their problems. You must build a track record

“!Punctuated Leadership?”

Whether you like grammar or not, these “end-marks” can be metaphors for what effective leadership looks like. Question mark      Leaders start with questions.

What Kills Teams

Be on the lookout for these team-killers, and make an action plan to deal with them corporately or with individuals behaving below the line of

USA Volleyball & Your Leadership

Watching the USA Women’s Volleyball Team get the bronze medal in the Olympics got me all revved up. I’m sort of a casual watcher of

Are You a Tree-Hugger? (no, not that kind!)

I’m not talking about those who are environmentally-passionate. I’m talking about staying too close to the “trunks” in your life and leadership. The malady of

Don’t Put on the Leadership Lid

Lids are meant to keep things inside–bottled up for freshness. But Leadership Lids are the opposite–they bottle people up for stagnation. And good people find

Be Like a GPS When You Lead

I really like my GPS on my phone. I remember buying the Garmin one before I had a smart phone, but this Navigation system is

5 Traits of Corrosive Leadership

I grew up in Illinois, where they put salt on the streets to melt the snow/ice. If you didn’t keep your car clean, the salt

You are the Pace Car for Someone

I don’t know too much about NASCAR, to be honest, but I can see why the start of the race is met with anticipation. All

3 Keys to Being a Shepherd-Leader

“Strategy is not what people follow. They follow a shepherd who has earned the right to be followed, who has demonstrated his love for his

Another Set of Eyes

I love proofreading. I know, that’s sort of geeky, but I’m an English grammar minor. It always amazes me that the creator of a document