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Getting Your Bearings

“Explorers need to know how to be lost comfortably. The adventure of the spirit begins when we stop pretending/performing, and accept our confusion and security.”

Pilgrim or Homesteader?

“In troubled times, the number of people thrown into psychological turmoil and radical questioning increases.”  –Sam Keen Since most of us (unless we’re wired that

Shaped or Shaping?

“In ordinary times, most men/women do not have radical questions about their identity. They have been imprinted, indoctrinated, and governed by stereotypes, role models, heroic

The Great Unknown

“The exemplary man, the hero, is excited by the unknown. He hears the call and responds, not knowing where the journey will take him or

Touching, Knowing, Loving, Healing

“We can only heal what we love.  We can only love what we know. We can only know what we touch.”  –Sam Keen How high-touch

How Teachable are You?

“We hear with our hearts, or not at all, and not unless we are willing to be enchanted, inspirited, encouraged, and engaged.”  –Sam Keen How

Personal Vision Statement

personal-vision-statement.doc Here is my personal vision statement, a picture of the future where I want to be, what I want to be remembered for.

Lessons on the Trail

lessons-on-the-trail.doc While hiking with team members/friends in Montana 18 months ago, God gave me some life lessons along the way.


“How large and generous we may become depends on the size of the Other we take into ourselves.”  –Sam Keen Once we come to grips

The Key Path to Virtue

“Will automatically follows vision…The genius of Christianity is that it interconnects the heart, the will, the divine spirit, and links virtue to surrender.  The lesson

The Measure of a Person

“A man is only a man when he measures himself against something more universal than the morality of his time.”  –Sam Keene Man (or woman),

All Work and No Play…

“The playful child and the wise old man live side by side in the psyche.  Impose the tyranny of seriousness and both will die.”  —Sam

Building Financial Savvy in Your Kids

bldg-financial-savvy-in-your-kids.doc This article gives parents practical tips about allowances, giving children responsibility for money decisions, and more….

Look Back to Launch Ahead

“Remembering our past is the way we move out of a present that seems to have no exit into a more open and hopeful future.”  

Want Paul to come speak for your event?

speaker-flyer.pdf Paul Casey enjoys giving practical tips to grow people to the next level of their leadership.  You can contact him at or at

Journal Musings: 10/11/06

“How often, doing work that is good, have I betrayed what is better in myself and abandoned what is best for those I love?”  –Sam

Journal Musings

Leviticus 20:7: “Set yourselves apart for a holy life. Live a holy life, because I am God, YOUR God. Do what I tell you; live

Communicating with Your Teen

communicating-with-your-teen.doc Here are some practical tips for breaking through the inevitable barrier of parent and teen.

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