by Paul Casey

5 Ways to Dance More on the Inside

kid dancingSo, I was driving in my neighborhood yesterday, and there was this kid, maybe 6 or 7 years old, walking on the sidewalk–actually, he wasn’t walking, he was more doing an end-zone dance! He was jiving and pumping his fists and singing or shouting to no one in particular. I looked to see if he had ear phones on, but no! He had his own party going on!

I thought to myself, Do I have that same party going on in my head and heart? All inhibitions aside, am I creating my own happiness and connecting to my inner joy at that kid’s level that it could be ME on that sidewalk, all lit up and bee-bopping?

It’s within our power every day. We must re-ignite our passions, and display our joy to the world: We can do this by:

  • Making a list of what fills our emotional tanks and doing one thing on that list every day
  • Getting enough sleep at night so that we awake refreshed, ready to take on the day
  • Spending time with those who add energy to us: our loved ones, enthusiastic, positive people, and mentors
  • Mixing it up–doing things more extraordinarily so that we don’t fall into ruts and stay there
  • Learning something new–from a book, magazine, podcast, video, friend–that keeps us fresh/sharp/current.

Do I see your foot beginning to tap?

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